Our Stratus72 tipi tent
露营过夜 Outdoor Tipis Tents
Made of Natural wood pole
with cotton fabric,
UV,fire resitance,
Easy installation,and Uniquel Design
The Arched structure tent
An arched tent is a light, beautiful, graceful and effective construction that will harmoniously fit in and decorate any landscape, be it a regular park or wildlife. Renting an arched pavilion is an excellent solution for a wedding, off-site registration, a summer banquet or a buffet table, when you want to ensure the comfort of guests and at the same time enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views. Arched tent of 100 sq.m. suitable as an exhibition pavilion for presentations, lectures, organizing covered areas of attractions, renting retail space. Large area of ​​coverage, mobility due to ease of installation and low weight of the structure, a distinctive feature of these tents.
Steel Structure Warehouse garage tent
Hot galvanized steel structure with profile
76x76x3mm squre tube or Round Pipe,
850gsm PVC coated Polyester fabrci roof covering,
Wood support pople with cottote fabric covering,
UV, Fire Resistance
A tent from Guangzhout Tentsen Tent Tipis Tent is a tipi and the tent has eight or nine sides, if it is not the smallest that has six sides. In the smallest tent you can stand straight if you are less than 160 centimetres long and in the largest you can get together several thousand people. The tent is versatile in more ways.
Guangzhou Tentsen tents are divided into two categories according to their size and purpose: Adventure tent and Event tent.

Adventure tent (Adventure tent): suitable for personal and family leisure, friends gathering, self-driving tours, cycling, hiking, tent camps, field exploration or photography, mountaineering and other purposes, can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter. According to the capacity, it can be divided into: 2 people, 5 people, 7 people, 9 people and 15 people tents; according to the type of fabric used, it is divided into two categories: polyester cotton canvas series (cp series) and nylon fabric series (light series. Event tent: suitable for temporary operations such as weddings, corporate events, sports events, concerts, Oktoberfests, exhibitions, conferences, clubs, high-end hotels, tourist resorts, parks, easy-to-build and easy-to-disassemble Venues for large-scale events and activities such as sex venues. Event tents can be divided into 16-person, 20-person, 28-person, 40-person, and 72-person tents according to their capacity.

广州天赛帐篷按照尺寸和用途分为两大类:探险类帐篷(Adventuretent)和大型活动类帐篷(Event tent)。

探险类帐篷(Adventure tent):适用于个人和家庭休闲、朋友聚会、自驾游、骑行、徒步旅行、帐篷营地、野外勘探或摄影、登山等用途,春夏秋冬皆可使用。按照可容纳人数分为:2 人、5 人、7 人、9 人和 15 人帐篷;按照使用面料类型分为两大类:涤棉帆布系列(cp 系列)和尼龙布料系列(light系列).

大型活动类帐篷(Event tent):适用于婚庆、企业活动,、体育赛事、音乐会、啤酒节、展会、会议、俱乐部、高档酒店、旅游度假区、公园、易搭建和易拆卸的临时性经营性场所等大型活动和活动的举办地。大型活动类帐篷(Event tent)按可容纳人数分为:16 人、20 人、28 人、40 人和72 人帐篷。

The Arched
The arched structure tent
The arched tensile structure is a very particular structure made with a vaulted trellis frame, elegant and adaptable to any situation, both modern and classic. Ideal for ceremonies such as weddings but also for more formal events such as inaugurations or showrooms. Modular on each side with the possibility of being closed on all sides with crystalline or white side sheets. Being a very tall structure, it also allows trees up to 5 meters high to be incorporated inside. Completely waterproof and very resistant to atmospheric agents.
Available in sizes: 6x6m - 8x8m - 10x10m.-12x12m-15x15m

Advantages of Arched strucure tent

The advantages that characterize it are many and comparing it with other types of structures it is possible to already have an idea of ​​the advantages, such as practicality. The practicality of tensile structures is truly a unique thing as it saves time for assembly operations, not only for the company that uses them but also for those who are preparing to participate in an event in which it is used, guaranteeing with space and comfort.
Outdoor Resports tent hotel tent


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