is our luxurious camping experience without the need to have your own gear or the hassle of set up. You can start relaxing the moment you arrive. Glamping is perfect for families, beginner campers or anyone who loves the simplicity of the great outdoors.

Our insulated 4-season glamping site offers a fully-furnished canvas tent. The tent is quite spacious as the sleeping Bunkie is built into the top of the wood frame. The main floor has a built-in kitchen area and table, as well as, a futon for lounging. The glamping tent has several windows making for a bright space and great airflow during the warm summer season. In the winter, the woodstove will keep the tent warm and cozy even in those extreme temperatures

Tent Capacity

How many people do you expect to house in your new luxury tent? Although most glamping tents are more spacious than traditional camping tents, make sure that you select a model that is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Smaller models comfortably fit two or three sleepers while larger models can sleep ten people or more. Most glamping tents sleep somewhere between four and eight people. Some people install a wood stove, camping kitchen, or even a makeshift bathroom facility in their glamping tent (although these are for more semi-permanent or basecamp installations). A larger tent is necessary if you demand extra living space.

Tent Materials

The materials your tent is constructed from will influence its performance even more than you might think. Here’s a few ways how: Durability – The best glamping tents are often made with cotton canvas, heavy-duty poles, and thick guy lines to last for years on end. Weatherproofing – Your luxury tent should be waterproof and windproof, especially if you plan to use it in late fall, winter, or early spring. Breath ability – Sometimes a downside of durability and weatherproofing is a lack of breath ability. This is especially true with some tents made from synthetic fabrics. Despite its robustness, the canvas is a relatively breathable material. Flame Protection – If you plan to use a wood stove or a camping heater inside your glamping tent, look for a model made with materials that is compatible with wood-burning stoves. Faxed canvas is one of the best options.

Glamping Tent
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Glamping Tent-Tent Hotel

When you want to build a glamping site camp, buying the glamping tent is your important thing. It can be a daunting task. Glamping tents on the market come in numerous shapes, sizes, and varieties. There are also a host of special features to choose from. The type of glamping tent you select not only influences how it looks and it's overall aesthetic, but also how well it performs. So knowing what to look for is important.


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